New Jersey Internet Application for
Claiming Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Instructions for Completing the New Jersey Internet
Application for Claiming Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits

This application is designed to work with newer versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Your browser must be JavaScript enabled.

If you experience difficulty with this application while using a mobile device, please try using a desktop or a laptop computer to complete your certification.

When you first enter the application, you are asked to submit your social security number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you have not already established a PIN, you will do so at that time. You must choose a PIN in order to file for benefits. It is IMPORTANT to select a 4-digit number that you will remember. This number will be needed when you claim benefits each week. It is also used when viewing your claim status. Do not reveal your PIN to anyone! You are also prompted to add or update your e-mail address (if you have one).

The Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits application consists of the following:

  • Current Information About Your Unemployment Claim.

  • Email which allows you to enter a new email address or change your current email address. An email confirmation of this certification will be sent to your email address.

  • Eligibility Questions consists of 7 questions about your eligibility for benefits during the week you are claiming. The 7 basic questions are listed on the screen, with information underneath and related sub-questions underneath. Depending on how you answer some of the questions, you may be required to answer additional questions.

  • Certification contains an acknowledgement that your answers are true.

If you forget to answer a question or provide an invalid response the system will prompt you to make a correction.

Tips for filing:

  • If for any reason you cannot complete your certification or will be away from your computer for an extended period of time, please use the EXIT button to close your application. If you do not click the EXIT button or you are not able to complete the application, your claim will be locked and you will not be able to claim benefits until the next day.

  • Upon completing the application, you must select the "Submit" button. Exiting before submitting the application will cause the information you entered to be lost. After selecting the "Submit" button, wait for a confirmation page to appear. When the confirmation page appears, write down the "Confirmation Number" or print the confirmation page. If you have provided us an email address your "Confirmation Number" will be emailed to you.

Please avoid bookmarking the social security entry page as it may cause processing error(s).
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